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DCM Shriram Limited is an industrial conglomerate with turnover of Rs. 5000 crores and business interests in Sugar, Urea, Farm Solutions, Hybrid Seeds, Hariyali Bazaar, Chemicals, PVC Resins & compounds, Calcium Carbide, Cement, Fenesta Building Systems, PVC compounds, Textiles etc. DCM Shriram has strong brand equity reflective of credibility, ethical values and consistent high quality product image. With over 30 years of rich experience in managing large scale process industries with sustained high level of performance, DCM Shriram meets the needs of a wide range of customers from farmers to industrial users, from house builders to business owners. Fostering enduring relationships is at the core of DCM Shriram's business philosophy - with vendors, business partners, and customers and within the organization between employees.

Cement manufactured by us is marketed under the “Shriram” brand. Shriram cement has created for itself strong brand equity, enjoying a premium over competitor brands, and is recognized as a market leader in its areas of distribution.

Shriram Cement is available in three different varieties, Shriram 53, Shriram Nirman and Shriram Silver is a special cement which is used of mosaic floor & gritwash. We also market Plaster of Paris under the brand name Shriram Nirman POP. We also have a speciality cement which is used for mosaic floor and gritwash and is known as Shriram Silver Cement.